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HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

The success story of Heinrich Wilke GmbH began in 1929 when Heinrich Wilke had the Waldecker company entered in the commercial register under the abbreviation HEWI: HEWI stands for the first letters of its name. HEWI was one of the first plastics processing companies in Germany to produce useful polyamide products, ranging from sheaf tying machines to money trays, buttons and door protectors to the first nylon door handle.

HEWI History
The breakthrough

In 1969, the door handle 111 made of polyamide was developed, with which HEWI achieved its breakthrough. He became a classic. The result was a range of wardrobes, handrails and railings, as well as sanitary products that for the first time took up the system concept. In the following years, HEWI achieved cult status. With a clear, consistent design and high quality, the HEWI brand was able to establish itself worldwide.


HEWI plastics technology

Another milestone was reached in 2001. With the capacity expansion, the area of injection moulding production in the area of plastics technology was further expanded. With the additional expansion of the material range, HEWI also reacted to the changing needs and requirements of the market. Today, HEWI Kunststofftechnik stands by its customers as a professional partner for the processing of a wide variety of materials in the functional, technical and design-oriented project area with individual product solutions.

HEWI, first lever handle
HEWI today

Today, the family-owned company operates worldwide with around 550 employees. The HEWI production facility - which has now grown to 43,000 m² and a machine park of over 70 injection moulding machines - is located in Mengeringhausen in northern Hesse. The administration is located in the neighbouring town of Bad Arolsen.



HEWI brand world

As a system supplier, HEWI presents innovative, comprehensive solutions in the areas of sanitary, fittings and barrier-free. The systems are formally coordinated with each other and thus enable a consistent, consistent design.

HEWI Brand

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HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Project winning: Daimler S-Class
Project winning: BMW 35Up
audi mlbevo
Project winning: Audi ML Bevo
Project winning: BMW L6
HEWI expands its business fields to include plastics technology and has since been a supplier to the automotive industry, among others.
In collaboration with architects, Rudolf Wilke designed the lever handle 111, gradually developing further products such as wardrobes and handrails, which together form a system.
HEWI Heinrich Wilke Gmbh
Foundation of HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH in Bad Arolsen, North Hesse.